mar 18

Ingrid i talarstolen

Detta är en länk till en bloggfilm där Ingrid Lennerwald ”läxar upp” Gilbert Tribo

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    Mă tem că nu înţeleg. Ce e pentru tine un geam spart? Ordine răsucită, portiţă de evadare, breşă în sistem?Mie fereastră spartă îmi sună a casă părăsită.

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    Dealio. How about you lead the way in supporting Orly "up front." Are you in Jackson, MS to support her on Monday? Will you be in Indianaplis on Wednesday?Nope. Didn't think so.

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    “The Obama administration’s housing policy, in other words, is to push millions of people out of their homes.” Yeah, we can blame Obama again. Sorry, Becki.

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    Hello Linette!Thanks for your comment. Glad you enjoyed the post.And yes – we can learn so much from animals (and children). They are my Buddhas.Blessings!Theresa

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    Great job here I definitely enjoyed what you had to say Keep heading because you undoubtedly bring a new voice to this subject Not many people would say

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    Vil elske at vinde æsken til 1-3 år til min datter. Har aldrig leget med Playmobil selv, men det lyder som noget, hun ikke bør snydes for.

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    Jeanne: oui, merci de le signaler… pas là pour faire les malins mais pour partager…et pour découvrir la richesse de chacun…(un réconfort face au spectacle que nous offre notre société!)

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    that he could not cope with all the politics involved with each and every promotion he got. He said his soul was not for sale..I was so proud of him for not compromising his principles.. I miss him everyday …So.. yea… this Country has some serious problems that will be exposed soon…I pray the body count is ZERO…hugs and peaceDiva

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  11. Deandra

    What a joy to find such clear thgkinni. Thanks for posting!


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